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Emco Controls A/S
Høgevej 6
DK- 3400 Hillerød

Phone +45 4576 94 00
Fax +45 4576 94 01

Emco Controls A/S receives the Gazelle award from the leading Danish business newspaper Borsen in recognition of being one of Denmark's fastest growing companies.




Float Level Switches

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Float Level Switch Construction

The EMCO float switch consists of three main parts :

1. Housing with switch, electrical or pneumatic

2. Mounting flange
3. Float
The modular construction of the EMCO float level switch offers excellent flexibility to suit customers' requirements.
Often chosen combinations are listed below.
Float Level Switch Construction

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Side Mounted Level Switch Type 210FN01
Side Mounted Level Switch Type 210FN25-100
Side Mounted Level Switch Type 210FN25-100
On the level switch above you have to choose the length of the lever and as a consequence of that you will get a different hysteresis. 

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Top Mounted Level Switch Type 210FN03
Level Switch Type 210FN03
The level switch type 210FN03 is mounted vertical and it has a variable hysteresis.

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