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Emco Controls A/S
Høgevej 6
DK- 3400 Hillerød

Phone +45 4576 94 00
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Emco Controls A/S receives the Gazelle award from the leading Danish business newspaper Borsen in recognition of being one of Denmark's fastest growing companies.




Venturi Tubes, Nozzles, Wedge Type

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EMCO Classical Venturi Tube Type KVR
EMCO Classical Venturi Tube type KVR
The venturi tube is in a machined construction or in a welded sheet construction.
Process connection are flanges or weld ends.
The venturi tubes are supplied in carbon steel, stainless steel or exotic materials to suit the process conditions.
The classical venturi tube offers very low pressure loss and requires short inlet lengths.
Venturi Tube Type KVR is used in flow measurement of steam

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EMCO Short Venturi Nozzle Type VRF
EMCO Short Venturi Nozzle type VRF
The short form venturi nozzle has annular chambers.The venturi consists of 2 main parts: a cast liner and a fabricated pipe section.Available in all castable materials.Flange connection according to DIN or ANSI standards.Sizes from DN 150 (6”) to DN 500 (20”).

Short Venturi Tube type VRF

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EMCO Welded Sheet Venturi Tube Type KVR & FKVR
EMCO Classical and Rectangular Venturi Tubes in Welded Sheet type KVR & FKVR
The venturi tube is in a welded sheet construction, typically for low air flow measurement in large size pipes and ducts.Pressure tappings may be the single pressure type or (as shown) 2 x 4 tappings externally connected with annular rings.The venturi tubes are supplied in carbon steel, stainless steel.
Venturi Tubes in Welded Sheet type KVR & FKVR

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EMCO ISA 1932 Nozzle Type DES
EMCO ISA 1932 Nozzle type DES

The ISA 1932 nozzles are produced with 2different pressure tapping arrangements:
  • type DES with single pressure tappings
  • type DRS with annular chambers
The ISA 1932 nozzle offers high degree of resistance towards wear and abrasive fluids including high pressure steam.In sizes up to DN 500 (20”).

ISA 1932 Nozzle type DES

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