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ORIMAS & STEEMCO-MAS Mass Flowmeter for Insertion Between Flanges

Introduction: The mass flowmeters ORIMAS and STEEMCO-MAS measures the mass flow of most gasses, liquids and steam.

The compact design combines the measurement of velocity, static pressure and temperature into one unit.


Construction & installation requirements

Design of our mass flowmeters

Both the ORIMAS and the STEEMCO-MAS consist of a primary element based
on the differential pressure principle, an option of an integrated 3 valve manifold or a manifold flange and a temperature sensor. STEEMCO-MAS will also be equipped with a condensing chamber.

When inquiring for STEEMCO-MAS for mass flow measurement of steam it is important to us of the flow direction for your vertical or horizontal pipe.

Pipe run lenghts and accuracy

The ORIMAS & STEEMCO-MAS flow meter can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical pipe.
For liquid flow in a horizontal pipe the electronics shall be mounted
below the pipe.
For gas flow in a horizontal pipe the electronics shall be mounted
above the pipe.
For steam flow measurement the condensing pot arrangement shall be mounted horizontally with the outlet pointing downwards. 

To insure high accuracy of measurement, long straight pipe runs upstream from the mass flow meter is necessary. The required straight pipe run
depends on the disturbance upstream. To maintain the 1% accuracy (1,2 % for STEEMCO-MAS)
the minimum straight pipe run upstream shall be 14 x inner pipe
diameter and 6 x downstream
If an additional inaccuracy of ½ % is acceptable the required straight
pipe runs are reduced to half of the above values.

Images & drawings

Dimensions for DIN & ANSI flanges

For dimensions of flanges click the product sheet at the top of the page.

Design and calculation standards
DN 40 - 400, 1½" - 16"
Pressure rating
up to PN 40, 300 lbs, higher pressure ratings on request
Process : -50 - +150°C, up to 400 °C for STEEMCO-MAS
Mounting Style
Between flanges according to DIN or ANSI standards
Flange facing
flat face, raised face, DIN 2512 N, DIN 2513 R
Overall length
120 mm
Stainless steel AISI 316, other materials on request.
Vent or drain hole
On request
Technical Data
+/- 1 % (1,2 % for steam)
Pressure loss
Typical 150 mbar for liquid and steam flow, and 50 mbar fror gas flow (values are given at full flow)
8 : 1
better than 0.1%
Limits for Reynolds No
Re > 5000
Remote Mounting Kit Type RMK is available if remote mounting of electronics is required in case of not easy accessible pipe line or elevated process temperature. The customer has to provide the stainless steel instrument tube Ø 12 x 1 mm between the flow meter and electronics