Differential pressure flow meters

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DP Flow meters

EMCO Controls offers compact differential pressure flow meters (DP Flow meters) that can easily be installed between simple DIN/EN and B16.5 flanges thus eliminating the need for orifice flanges.

The flow meters with built in tappings and valves are designed for direct transmitter mounting for a wide range of gas, liquid and steam applications. They fit most pipe sizes, require a minimum of maintenance, and they are the most common DP flow meters.

All our DP flow meters are manufactured from AISI316 material as standard.
If you have short available straight pipe-run, our EPSILON type flow meter might be a suitable solution, with its conditioning multi bore design. The requirements for straight pipe run are shortened.

For smaller pipe sizes below DN50/2”, our CompaQ type flow meter might be a suitable solution. The straight pipe run requirements are an integrated part of the design, thus eliminating any risk of unwanted uncertainty.

Remote transmitter mounting is also possible with our remote mounting kit.
We can supply to all instrument connection arrangements. 

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Different types of DP Flow Meters

There are a number of different types of DP flowmeters, each of which has its own specialized function. Below you can see an overview of some the most common types.

  • Orifice plates
  • Venturi tubes
  • Venturi nozzles
  • Cone meters
  • Nozzles
  • Drag plates
  • Inlet flow meters
  • Wedge flow meters
  • Variable area meters

Advantages of DP flow meter

DP Flowmeters have a wide range of benefits that make them effective in use. Listed below are some of the different benefits:

  • Differential Pressure Flow meters can be used for the vast majority of gases and liquids
  • DP Flow Meters are cost effective
  • They can be used in all directions
  • DP flow meters are simple to manufacture and do not contain any moving parts, which makes them more long-lasting

Disadvantages of DP flow meter

DP flow meters also have certain disadvantages. Listed below are some of the disadvantages:

  • Under certain conditions, significant pressure losses can occur during use
  • The range is smaller than for most other types of flow meters
  • The output signal is non-linear with flow
  • The accuracy can be affected by the layout of the pipe

Miscellanous Flow 

For an accurate flow measurement, the need for a flow straightener might be necessary to reach acceptable conditions for flow measurement according to the ISO 5167-1 International Standard, which defines the “measurement of fluid flow by means of pressure differential devices”.

A sight flow indicator provides visibility of liquid flow in a pipe. Different mechanical features can help enhance flow observation.