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EMCO classical venturi tubes are used as primary elements in flow measurement of steam, liquid and gas according to the differential pressure principal in accordance with ISO 5167-4.

The body of the venturi tube is either welded rolled sheet or machined from solid bar.

The machined venturi allows us to make a venturi body with large wall thickness, well-suited for high pressure applications i.e., high pressure steam from boiler process or high-pressure gas applications i.e. LNG process. Likewise a Machined venturi body allows for producing quite small venturi tubes i.e. 2” to 4”, where fabrication processes are less time consuming and therefore cost effective.

The two different bodies impose different advantages. The welded sheet venturi is welded together in sections thus making it suitable for larger venturi diameters in low pressure applications.

Welded sheet venturi tubes are ideal for: