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EMCO Flow Element Type ISB/1EP for RF Flanges, with Flow Conditioning Effect

Principle: EMCO flow element type ISB/1EP is used as primary element in flow measurement of liquid, gas and steam according to the differential pressure principle.

The ISB/1EP is especially designed for installations with limited space due to the flow conditioning effect created by the 5 hole design.

ISB/1EP flow element with 5 holes combines a traditional single hole orifice plate with a flow conditioner.
This means that straight pipe run up stream the flow meter can be
reduced from 20 times inner pipe diameter to 5 times inner pipe

Calculation standards
2” - 24" according to ANSI B 16.36
Pressure rating
300 - 600 lbs RF
Plate thickness
3 - 16 mm depending on plate size
β (d/D)
0,5 - 0,6
AISI 316, 22Cr Duplex 25Cr Duplex, Monel, 6Mo Hastelloy, titanium and others on request
Mounting style
Between raised face flanges according To ANSI B16.36 or DIN 19214, other standards on request.
Orifice plate shapes
Square edge
With name plate in AISI 316 with the following inscription : TAG no., serial no., pressure rating, inner pipe diameter., beta equivalent, material.
Technical Data
+/- 1 %
Pressure loss
Depending on β, for β equal to 0,6 : ca. 60 % of the differential pressure measured
Limits for Reynolds No
Re > 5000
Allowable differential pressure
2,5 bar