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EMCO Orifice Plate with Single Pressure Tapping Series MEF for Insertion Between Flanges

Principle:EMCO orifice plate are used as primary elements in flow measurement of liquid, gas and steam according to the differential pressure principle


Dimensions for DIN, EN & ANSI flanges

For dimensions of flanges click the product sheet at the top of the page.

Design and calculation standards
ISO 5167-2, ASME MFC-3M, DIN 19205, Shell Flow Meter Engineering Handbook, L. K. Spink, AGA no. 3
DN 50 - 600, 2" - 24"
Pressure rating
PN 10 - 40, 150 - 600 lbs
Plate thickness
3 - 8 mm
Vent or drain hole
On Request
AISI 316, other materials on request.
Mounting Style
Between flanges with flat or raised face according to DIN 2526, 2513, 2512, EN 1092-1 or RF according to B 16.5
Pressure taps
3/8", 1/2" BSP male, Ø 12 mm, 1/2" NPT
Tap Length
150 mm, others on request.
Tap Location
At least 45 degrees apart To be stated with order
Flanges with flat or raised face according to DIN 2526, 2513 or 2512, or RF according to ANSI B 16.5
Orifice plate shapes
Square edge concentric as standard. See above illustrations for other shapes.
The orifice plate is marked with "+" and"-" and flow direction.
Technical Data
+/- 0,6 % for β < 0,6 and equal to β for β values above 0,6
Pressure loss
Depending on β, for β equal to 0,6 : ca. 60 % of the differential pressure measured
Limits for Reynolds No
Re > 1260 x β2 D according to ISO 5167 2000 < Re < 108 according to ASME MFC-3M
Shut-off valves and condensing chambers for steam flow measurement. Flange assembly complete with bolts, nuts and gaskets