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Emco Controls A/S
Høgevej 6
DK- 3400 Hillerød

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Emco Controls A/S receives the Gazelle award from the leading Danish business newspaper Borsen in recognition of being one of Denmark's fastest growing companies.




Averaging Pitot Tubes

Due to environmental legislative and regulatory requirements. stack emissions will become more used for reporting of plant efficiency or stack emission monitoring.
The installation of a PITOBAR in a stack can be done either as a full penetration PITOBAR or for very large stacks, more than 2,5 meters in diameter, it is possible to enter with a 40% PITOBAR from each side of the stack.

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EMCO Averaging Pitot Tube Type PITOBAR
EMCO Averaging Pitot Tubetype PITOBAR
PITOBAR averaging pitot tubes are used for flow measurement of liquids, gasses and steam in circular or rectangular pipes or ducts in accordance to the principles of differential pressure and Bernouilli's law.
EMCO Averaging Pitot Tube type PITOBAR

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