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EMCO Controls was founded 1966 and from our own premises in Hillerød
we are Denmark’s only manufacturer of dp flow elements, were we help customers with build-for-purpose solutions for flow, level, temperature measurement and DBB valves.

EMCO Controls’ core business is differential pressure flow measurement.

Designing and manufacturing dp-flow meters for a wide range of clients, industries and applications require knowhow and close collaboration with clients to identify possible issues and reach optimal solutions

Since EMCO’s parts are often critical components in a larger system, it is crucial for the customers to be able to trust the expertise EMCO can offer. This trust is shown to EMCO time and time again by great EPC companies and smaller businesses, which has helped EMCO become a recognized supplier/partner in the industry worldwide.

EMCO Controls’ flow measurement equipment is primarily based on the differential pressure principle, which in many applications has compelling advantages.

Highly skilled technicians, draftsmen/designers and engineers are constantly working together to create and optimize solutions for oil, gas and the flow industry in general.

EMCO’s flow product portfolio includes among others, Venturis, cone meters, nozzles, orifices and Pitot tubes which we can deliver in everything from carbon steel to super duplex and other exotic materials.


Design and Engineering of our instruments are based on recognized international standards including EN, ISO, DIN and ASME. 

Our instruments are manufactured according to the EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).
2014/68/EU and CE, as we hold a module H approval. 

We continually strive to provide high quality meters with design innovation to meet our customers’ requirements.



All manufacturing is done in house in Hillerød, Denmark

Quality Assurance

We hold both ISO 9001:2015, EN 3834-2 and PED Module H and many other product approvals in order to fulfill the quality requirements defined by our customers and ourselves.

Customer Segment

Power Plants, – conventional, nuclear power stations, combustion units
Pharmaceutical industry
Chemical industry
General food industry