Restriction Plates

A restriction plate is a device used to restrict flow, or for reducing pressure. It decreases pressure and flows from the upstream side to the downstream side. They are beneficial to protect downstream equipment and are helpful in order to reduce noise. Restriction plates are widely used for numerous applications in the industry. The design of the restriction plate is very similar to an orifice plate, but the function is different. Restriction plates are used to fulfill a number of purposes including prevention of critical, controlling flow rates, reducing inline pressure and noise levelse, and removing cavitation.

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Restriction Plates
Type IRB

Designed as single hole.

  • 150 – 2500 lbs 
  • Sizes 1/2″ – 24″

Restriction Plates
Type MRP

Designed as multihole.

  • 150 – 600lbs 
  • Sizes 2″ – 4″