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EMCO primary elements measure the flow of liquids, gasses, and steam according to the differential pressure principle. These primary elements each represent their own advantages whether it is requirements for installation, accuracy, extreme process conditions, permanent pressure loss or maintenance. At EMCO Controls we will help you find a suitable solution for your specific application to ensure optimal flow measurement. The primary elements are widely used in many industries including power stations and other thermal installations, chemical, and petro-chemical, offshore and water industry. Since primary elements for differential pressure flow measurement has no moving parts, they offer a durability that makes them hard to compete with in terms of product lifetime.

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Orifice Plates

The orifice plate is an instrument used for measuring flow rate of gas, liquids and steam to be inserted between flanges or welded construction. 

Graphic model of single bore orifice plate for raised face flanges

Averaging Pitot Tubes

The PITOBAR is used for measuring the dynamic pressure in gas, liquid and steam. It has low installation cost and low pressure loss.

Graphic model of pitot tubes

Compact Orifice Meters

The compact orifice meter is a standardized construction with built-in pressure tapping for direct transmitter mounting.

Graphic model of FLEMCO flow meter

Venturis, Cones & Wedge Meters

EMCO Controls offers Venturi tubes, nozzles, cone and wedge meters for durability and high accuracy.

Graphic model of machined venturi tube

Wet Gas Metering

EMCO wet gas metering is based on the classical venturi tube according to ISO 5167-4 with single pressure tappings.

graphic model of wet gas meter


Flow straightening vanes and sight flow indicators.