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EMCO Straightening Vanes

Principle: EMCO straightening vanes are used to improve the flow profile, before the fluid reaches the primary element.


EMCO straightening vanes are designed and manufactured according to ISO 5167, AGA and ASME standards.
The EMCO straightening vanes consist of 19 tubes mounted in parallel and fixed together. Special care is taken to ensure that the tubes are fixed in parallel.
The length of the straightening vanes is 20 times the diameter of one of the tubes in the bundle.
To decrease the pressure loss the inlet of the tubes can be bevelled.

Images & drawings

Type A : In line – clamped between flanges
Type B : With main pipe – with welding ends
Type C : With main pipe – with flanges
Sizes : 2″ – 16″ (DN 50 – 400), above on request
Pressure rating : 150 – 2500 lbs, PN 10 – 400
Flange facing : RF or RTJ according to ANSI B 16.5
Materials : Carbon steel or stainless steel according to NACE MR-01-75