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PITOBAR Averaging Pitot Tube for larger pipe sizes
Type PC 450, PC455

Principle:The PITOBAR Averaging Pitot Tube is used for flow measurement of liquid and gasses in horizontal or vertical pipe lines.

 The PITOBAR Averaging Pitot Tube principle of operation is derived from the classic or single point pitot tube

As opposed to the single point pitot tube, the PITOBAR averaging pitot tube has a number of holes depending of pipe size pointing towards the up-stream side. One port pointing down stream measures the static pressure

The PITOBAR has very low installation costs and the pressure loss is low compared to other flow elements, especially in larger pipe sizes.



 The PITOBAR Averaging Pitot Tube is constructed and designed with a diamond shaped strut with several ports spaced centrally within concentric rings of equal area pointing towards the upstream side. This is done in order to get the best averaging measurement of the dynamic pressure, resulting in a more
accurate flow reading.

PC450 and PC455 heavy duty design are designed for larger pipe sizes.

The pitot tube creates a differential pressure signal which is proportional to the flow rate.
Differential Pressure = ( Pstatic + Pdynamic) – Pstatic

Required straight pipe lengths

Certain installation requirements for straight pipe lines must be fulfilled in order to achieve the most accurate flow measurement. See table below.

Up-stream(x D)
Down-stream(x D)
Single 90° bend
Two or more 90° bends in the same plane
Two or more 90° bends in in different planes
Design and calculation standards
VDE/VDI 2640, ASME, DIN, EN 13480
PC450 & PC455
Pipe sizes
DN 500 - DN 6000: 20" - 240"
Probe size
45 x 45 mm
Pressure rating
up to PN 100 (600lbs)
Temperature range
-100°C - +300 °C
Material PITOBAR
Stainless steel AISI 316, other stainless grades on request
Material mounting flange
carbon steel, stainless steel AISI 316, other on request
Process connection
Flange according to pressure rating
Flange standards
DIN, ANSI, others on request
Welding to the pipe
Instrument connection
½" BSP or NPT
Technical Data
± 1% accuracy of actual flow
± 0,1%
Reynolds no.
Minimum 100.000 at full flow
Max. fluid velocity
liquids 5 m/s, gasses 80 m/s
shut-off valves: needle or ball