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EMCO Cone Meter Type M-Cone


The EMCO cone meter is used for flow measurement of liquid, steam and gas according to the differential pressure principle. The differential pressure is measured with a differential pressure transmitter between the upstream tapping in the wall of the cone meter and the down stream tapping in the cone. The inlet cone has a good flow conditioning effect, especially for small beta values. Larger size cone meters are furnished with vanes to improve the flow conditioning effect and provide mechanical support of the cone. 

The advanced design makes the cone meter compatible with a wider range of media and applications than conventional DP flow meters. EMCO Controls has specialized expertise in delivering cone meter solutions within FPSO applications.   




Design and calculation standards
ISO 5167-5, EN, PED 2014/68/EU, ANSI/ASME
DN 50 – 1000, 2” – 40”
Pressure rating
PN 10 400, 150 2500 lbs, 6.000 – 15.000 psi
Carbon steel P235GH, P250GH, A105N, A350LF2, A106 Gr. B, AISI 316, 22 Cr. Duplex, 25 Cr. Duplex, 6Mo, 16Mo3 (F1), 13CrMo4-5 (F11) 10CrMo9-10 (F22), other materials on request
Mounting style
Weld ends according to EN 9692-1, ANSI B16.25. Flange connections according to DIN, ISO, ANSI, Norsok or API Hub connection for clamping between hubs (Grayloc or other brands)
Pressure taps
½”, ¾” NPT ext., ½”, ¾” flanged, others on request
Flange facing
Flat or raised face according to DIN 2526 or flat, raised face or ring type joint according to ANSI B 16.5

Technical Data

+/- 5 % un-calibrated, +/- 0,5 % calibrated. (of discharge coefficient)
+/- 0,1 %
Pressure loss
40 % of measured differential pressure with beta ratio 0,7
Limits for Reynolds No
Re > 10.000, lower Re. Consult factory
Installation requirements
Down to 5 x D up-stream and 2 x D down-stream.


Shut-off valves
Condensing chambers for steam flow measurement
Steam jacket (only type WT)


The most common has the up stream pressure taken from a tapping in the wall of the cone meter and the down stream pressure taken from the down stream side of the cone and lead to a tapping in the wall.


The fluid must be in one phase, and the pipe should run full without pulsations. Prior to installation, keep the primary element clean and protected from corrosion and damage. Place the M-CONE differential pressure producer between two straight cylindrical pipe sections without obstructions. The required straight lengths depend on the diameter ratio and presence of bends. Use full bore valves upstream the primary element and ensure a clean inner pipe surface. The Cone Meter comes in different mounting styles (flange, hub, or weld ends), requiring proper welding and matching inner pipe diameters. Position pressure tappings correctly based on flow direction, and use suitable impulse lines and isolation valves. Install a safety device to prevent pressure exceedance. Proper maintenance, such as keeping the meter and mating pipe free from deposits, is essential.


Download the installation guide above for more detailed information. 

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