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EMCO ISA 1932 Nozzle with Single Pressure Tapping Series DES in all Welded Construction

EMCO ISA Nozzles are used as primary elements in flow measurement of steam, liquid and gas according to the differential pressure principal and in accordance with ISO 5167-3.

In the ISO 5167-3 standard the geometry and method of use are specified for nozzles to determine the flow-rate of the flowing liquid in the conduit when the nozzles are inserted in a conduit.

The ISA 1932 nozzle is made from a solid bar welded into a pipe section. The fact that it is constructed in this way makes it less material intensive compared to a Venturi Nozzle which is made from solid bar.

Providing high accuracy and inducing little permanent pressure loss the ISA 1932 nozzle har has certain advantages which makes it particulerly well suited for the following:

  • feed water process for boiler applications
  • high pressure water, gas and steam applications in smaller pipe sizes
  • low pressure water, gas and steam applications in larger pipe sizes

EMCO ISA 1932 Nozzle, Type DES

Principle: DES is designed with single pressure tapping, in an all welded construction.
Construction with carrier ring also available, ask for ISA 1932 Nozzle type DRS

Images & drawings

EMCO ISA 1932 nozzle with condensing chambers
for steam flow measurement in a horizontal or vertical pipe line


For dimensions of inner pipe diameter and straight pipe length requirements, click the product sheet at the top of the page.

Design and calculation standards
ISO 5167-3
DN 50 - DN 500
Pressure rating
PN 10 - 640, 150 - 2500 lbs
β (d/D)
preferred range 0,3 < β < 0,8
Carbon steel P250GH, AISI 316, 16Mo3, 13CrMo4-5, 10CrMo9-10, WB 36, X20CrMoV121, P91, P92, other materials on request
Mounting style
Weld ends according to DIN 2559 or ANSI B16.25
Pressure taps
Ø 21.3 mm, 24 mm, 26.9mm, 3/8", 1/2" BSP, 1/2" NPT
Single pressure tappings or annular ring (Type DRS)
Technical Data
0,8 % for β < 0,6, (2β - 0,4) % for β > 0,6 (according to ISO 5167-3)
Pressure loss
Depending on β, for β equal to 0,6 : ca. 60 % of the differential pressure measured
Limits for Reynolds No
2*10^4 < ReD < 1*10^7 according to ISO 5167-3
shut-off valves
Condensing chamber for steam flow