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EMCO level transmitter, Type HS89

The EMCO level transmitter, based on the magnetic floating principle, is used for remote indication and liquid level control.

Description:  The HS89 Analogue Level Transmitter consists of the following main parts: Float with magnet, measuring tube, and mounting flange with electronics.
The measuring tube which is mounted on the top of the tank incorporates a number of resistors and reed switches.
A float with a permanent ring magnet moves on the outside of the measuring tube. When the level changes, the magnet in the float will activate a reed switch which will connect a number of resistors, giving an ohmic value corresponding to the level.
In the connection head a R/I transmitter is mounted and converts the signal into a standard 4 – 20 mA.

Technical Data
0 - 3000 mm
Output signal
4 - 20 mA, two-wire direct or inverted
galvanic isolated, Ex version to Eex ia IIC, T4-6, HART® protocol
Power Supply
8,5 - 35 Vdc
Load limitation
700 Ohm, 24 Vdc
alu.housing: IP54, SS housing: IP65
+/- 0,2 %
+/- 0,2 %
10 mm
Wetted parts
AISI 316
Top mounted
Flange DN 65 or DN 80
Flange face
acc. to DIN 2526 (flat face) or DIN 2512 form F
Pressure rating
PN 16 - 40 (PN 100 as option)
Temperature, fluid
-50 to +100 °C
Temperature, Ambient
20 to +80 °C
Transmitter Housing
Die-cast alu., with polyester coating, or stainless steel
Electrical Connection
PG 16