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EMCO Magnetic level indicator, Type LI

Application: EMCO magnetic level indicators series LI indicates the liquid
level of vessels and tanks locally without power supply.
The liquid level detection is safe, reliable and maintenance free.
Special types indicates the interface between 2 non homogeneous liquids.
Reed switches can be added for alarm function or for control of pumps and valves.
Remote indication of the liquid level via a 4-20 mA signal (or HART protocol) is optional.
The LI level indicators are fully in compliance with PED 97/23 EC


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The EMCO magnetic level indicator is constructed from a vertical stand pipe made from a non magnetic material.
The side mounted types are connected to the vessel at the top and bottom creating the principle of connected vessels.
Inside the stand pipe a float containing a permanent magnet moves up and down following the change of liquid level.
On the outside of the stand pipe a transparent rail with indicator flaps are mounted. The small flaps hold small permanent magnets. The flaps are bi-colour with colours red and white. When the float passes the flaps, the flaps rotate 180° by the magnetic field in the float. The indicator shows the red colour up to the liquid level. Above the colour is white

Material, stand pipe and flanges
AISI 316, others on request
Material, float
AISI 316, Titanium, others on request
Maximum C - C distance
5000 mm
Flange connection
According to DIN and ANSI B 16.5, others on request
Flange facing
flat or raised face according to DIN 2526 Form A and C, RF or RTJ
DN 15-50, ½” – 2”
Threaded connection
According to DIN and ANSI, others on request
½” – 1” RG (BSP) or NPT internal or external
Pressure rating
up to PN 320, 1500 lbs
Minimum specific gravity
Temperature range
- 50 - +300 °C
max. 20 °E 150 cSt)
Indicator Rails

 LI magnetic level indicators can be supplied with 3 different indicator rails

The standard rail is made from Macrolon plastics, suitable for fluid temperatures up to 120 °C.
From temperatures 120 - 220°C the flaps are made from high temperature Macrolon and the cage from aluminium.
The high temperature version is fully made from aluminium with a max. temperature of 300 °C
Reed switch
with 3 meter cable, IP65 protection
Remote indication
The LI can be supplied with a level transmitter EMCO type HS89 for remote Indication or for control. The HS89 is mounted externally. The magnet in the float also activate the HS89
Insulation of the standpipe is used for very low and very high temperatures. In case of low temperature applications the standpipe is traced with an electrical heater controlled by a temperature controller.
with cm or % indication
drain valve in stainless steel